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batman mental illness comic book torrent
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6 Comic Book Characters Who Suffer From Serious Mental Illness

We take a look at some well-known comic book characters who suffer from chemical imbalances of the brain.

behind scenes star wars force awakens torrent
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WATCH: RARE ‘Behind The Scenes’ Documentaries On The Original Star Wars Trilogy

A collection of some rare documentaries on the original Star Wars trilogy.

house of the dead best zombie game
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The Top 5 Zombie Video Games Of All Time

Zombies are everywhere these days, here you'll find the Top 5 zombie video games worthy of your time.

walking dead season 6 torrent review
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5 Things From The Comics That I Want To See In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6

Here are some events from The Walking Dead comic series that I hope make their way into the TV show this season.

ryan reynolds steal deadpool costume
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Ryan Reynolds Stole A Deadpool Costume And He’s Damn Proud Of It

Ryan Reynolds has confessed to some rather amusing criminal activity as of late.

turbo kid movie torrent review
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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Turbo Kid’ Immediately

Turbo Kid is a movie that everyone should be watching immediately, here are 10 key reasons why.